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Service broker for landlords

Over this, landlords have a cost-free arrangement of leasing, My Home Agency Immobilien offers a special service to interested parties at additional charges. This special service for leasers is still relatively unknown in Germany, but is often used in other countries as a standard norm. As a Service broker ,we provide this service in order to protect in the interests of landlords and undertake a set of tasks which are essential in the context of a lease.

This includes arranging meetings with interested parties , verification of the customers, preparation of rental contracts, the transfer of lease property combined with preparation of a protocol and the signing of a contract while moving-in and out of a home. In addition. being a service broker we organise the furnishing and procure craftsmanship and cleaner workmanship.

Our package „Service broker for landlords“ is a perfect solution for landlords who are not present in person or on-site, who do not have enough time or for those who prefer to hand over the responsibilities to a professional partners due to other reasons.

If you wish to incur any information about this comprehensive special service package, we could consult you with pleasure, and provide you with all necessary details without further obligations. Please feel free to contact us over the telephone or by writing us an email!