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Preparing a Synopsis

We make a detailed synopsis for every property possible so that, a clear and extensive impression is procured on the offered property. This is primarily for those potential tenants who are interested and can only avail it when they don’t have enough time for sightseeing appointments.

Basically, our synopsis is viewed through pictures, which are obviously not retouched or edited. Therefore, the interested parties can see how the homes or the apartments look in real, as clearly as possible. If you as a landlord are in possession of a floor plan, of a quoted property we would also like to include this in the synopsis for you.

We present your property to various property portals, as well as on our website. Furthermore, we personally offer it to interested parties. The presentations resulting on the internet are anonymised, it means without establishing any personal datas of landlords or the addresses of landlords and their properties to whom the it belongs. Interested parties receive from necessary contact details, for visiting properties, only after which they are registered and verified by us.