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My Home Agency Immobilien
Cindy Schwörer van Laarhoven
Am Winterhafen 4
55131 Mainz
06131 - 9454270

Would you like to offer an apartment or a house?

If you have or would like to lease out a room, a studio apartment or a house. Then the best thing to do would be for you to call us directly on the following number: 06131 – 9454270 or simply send us an email to info@myhomeagency.de and arrange an appointment.

A requisite for the inventory in our index, a personal viewing of the property is required because, we hold respect on achieving high standards and immaculatness. Therefore, the chance for an effective rental persists, by furnished homes not only are the price and quality ratio important, but also the art and integrity of the furnishing. Only properties, those that fulfill all criterias get listed down with us.

These procedures are infact a little more time-consuming than a registration over the telephone or by email, when exhibited offers, interested persons, and landlords suit each others requirements, only then do we send interested parties to visit your homes, as this eventually, permits all parties save unnecessary disappointments.

Only when these requirements are fulfilled and we’ve personally examined all properties, we can offer our clients honest and comprehensive consulting.

Note: Through us and landlords and tenants have the possibility to offer residential property to authorised agents and investors. Please note that we need a sub-tenant accreditation signed by the landlord, in case you are not the owner of the offered property.

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