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We strictly recommend landlords to ask tenants for a deposit. For unfurnished homes the net deposit may amount to maximum, three monthly rentals. Also for short-term tenancies as in the case, of short–term stays, its recommended to demand a deposit. We also recommend an amount to a deposit, depending on the time-period of a lease,of one to two month’s rental fees.

Some landlords want the deposit out of sheer anxiety of their furnishing being damaged and set the deposoit standards higher thereof, the deposit is usually higher. We can surely say with a clear conscience that, this anxiousness according to laws is unsubstantiated. Of course it occurs that when a tenant lives in a furnished home, that a cup or a plate is broken and they report of higher damages hardly occurs in furnished homes.

Incidentally, corporations and companies have special regulations with regard to deposit. If you have any questions on this, we can definitely provide you with necessary advice, therewith we find appropriate alternatives for your flat and for your leasing.

Being a landlord, you are obliged to deposit the surety, separately from your own assets that bear any interest. For this purpose, marketable and proposed properties are a form of savings account or a bank guarantee. In addition, take care that the surety has been handed over or regulated genuinely before handing over the keys to respective tenants.