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Lease Agreements

Partners for lease agreements are always landlords and tenants. It is possible that a tenant and the user of an apartment are two different people . Such as: When a company as a tenant renting an apartment for an employer. According to tenancy law alterations , the regular updating and editing of lease agreements is always recommended . This applies particularly to new completions of a contract.

We at My Home Agency Immobilien are always anxious about alterations in lease agreements and guide you through the changes of tenancy laws. However, we are not lawyers and therefore can not provide any legal advice. Questions and enquiries on legal matters, should be strictly attended by contacting a tenancy laws attorney.

For unfurnished homes and apartments, the owner’s association "House and Plot" a good standard lease agreement. For furnished homes for a short period of time, these kind of agreements are certainly less suitable.With successful leasing, we provide you with a sample of the leasing agreement so that special requirements correspond with furnished leasing and is prepared especially for you. Please take into account that the so-called, qualified temporary lease agreement which was usually utilized in the past, is only valid under certain prerequisites.

However, kindly list down all rental costs, additional costs in the lease agreement, those that are not included in the rental costs such as: telephone, German TV Licensing Office (GEZ), electricity and one-time fee for final cleaning etc. In any case, kindly issue a detailed listing before you move into a home and enclose this listing along with the lease agreement. The inventory list should be checked and signed by both parties at the time of moving in and out of an apartment.

Further agreements and arrangements should always be made in writing. In this manner misunderstandings can be avoided! You are thereby on the safer side, in case you find yourself in a dispute.