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My Home Agency Immobilien
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Questions and Answers

Why do I need to register? I would like to have a look at it first.
You know who we are and our landlords probably would like to know you, and who you work for? That’s possible only when, we have your complete contact details along with your name, date of birth, profession, employer, as well as a copy of your identification card.

Why are there so many other questions?
For you to find suitable and precise offers of your choice, please specify to us the time duration for which, you are looking for a home. How many people are going to move in, and how high the rental should be, along with, what needs your home should match.

Do any costs arise already while looking for property?
No. Costs drop first with the effective procurance to a tenants commissionable property.

How high is the commission that I have to pay?
we have the claim on a commission at the rate of 1,5 monthly rental at an additional 19 % VAT. When a lease term ends in less than 10 months, you then obtain a discount, which regulates after the time of lease. For further details please look for it in our terms and conditions.

What happens to my data?
Your information is needed solely when you are looking for a property. We don’t give out your information to any third parties. The transmitted personal data is saved when a termination of an exchange is put according to §§238, 257 IV HGB / § 147 II AO for the period of ten years. In case of an unsuccessful termination of exchange, the transferred data will be saved for a period maximum upto a year, in purpose of belated commission calculation, according to the decision of BGH. It is a corresponding application with the decision of the BGH to question the subsequent settlement of commission [BGH, verdict from the 6. 7. 2006 - III ZR 379/04, NJW 2006 page: 3062-3063], to retain upto a year.

What makes My Home Agency Immobilien different from other providers of property?
All offers that have been offered to you by My Home Agency Immobilien are surveyed thoroughly. Thus, we are in a good position to evaluate what is good and what is not for you.Last but not the least, we would like to make you feel comfortable in your home since you are going to be living in it for a limited period of time.

It adds alot of importance to us when tenants and landlords have a trustworthy and an uncomplicated lease. Our landlords want to surely know who you are, for what period of time your searching a home. Only when honest information is given out can a trustworthy and uncomplicated lease agreement work out, it is something we place value on.