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Interior-design consulting and services

As a matter of course, we know exactly the kind of requirements a furnished property should comply of, for it to become an ideal lease. An interior design consultancy can thereby, in many instances be very profitable.

Even if you have inherited a home, in which the interiors have aged and need repairing that has appeared over the years, or whether you have bought a furnished apartment that you would want to lease but are not entirely sure, or even if the existing furnishing is not pleasing enough. Well then, we know exactly what requirements potential tenants have who are looking for a furnished home. According to this we can provide you with advice and tips. Naturally, this service which we offer is free of any charges.

In most cases, an interior design consultancy suffices. Moreover, we undertake additional costs for you pertaining to certain requirements, even interior design planning and complete interior design services for which we work collaboratively with professional and skilled labor (E.g): Home staging agencies, craftsmenship and lavation companies. Here the price is controlled by individual costs and wishes of landlords.