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Furnished Living

Temporary furnished accomodation is still a relatively immature feature. It began towards the end of the 70’s as it was considered that, students increasingly leased a furnished room. Therefore it’s not ashtonishing that a lot of people still think, of the term "furnished living", as a poorly furnished student accomodation. Therefore, today’s concept of furnished service apartments have nothing to do with these rules.

Through internationalisation and flexibility on the job markets, its associated with higher standards of travel and the willingness to relocate employees, as well as very high accomodation expenses that thereby, a requirement for an alternative to a hotel has increased tremendously. Hence, a perfect alternative would be a furnished service apartment. Accomodations such as these, are also inexpensive than a hotel or a guest house, besides its also substantially personal.

Since furnished service apartments have been developed for business people and employees working in business firms, there is not only the demand for furnished apartments and accomodations but also a constant rise in real estate requirements. More information under: Requirements on Property